Web design + promotional material packages for authors, creatives, and small businesses. 

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Fangirl Services

No matter the stage in your career—or life—your Fangirls have got you covered. So get out the glitter, ‘cause we’re about to get fabulous.

Semi-Custom Packages

The heart of Fangirl Foundry, where ‘semi-custom’ does not mean cookie cutter. Our packages are affordable without looking like they’re affordable, ‘cause everyone deserves to look their best online. We’ve even streamlined the design process to make it easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for you.

Made from Scratch

When you’ve reached a certain level in your career–or if  you just march to your own beat–only custom will do. Whether you’re looking for a multi-page masterpiece or just want something extra fantabulous, there’s no worries here. We’ll grab a triple espresso and make it happen.

À la carte & Add-ons

Our skills extend far beyond websites and business cards. From social media to brochures, animated web elements to invitations, marketing advice to reports and documents, we’ve got tons of extras. Add them to the packages, or ya know, purchase them separately. We’re good with either.

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